Form Sprints in Traditional Base 1

New Trainer Road User. Due to a knee injury I’m starting with traditional base 1. I have a 2017 Kickr. I notice on the form sprints, when I accelerate from 93-95 rpm to 130-140 rpm, this winds up the flywheel that is outspins my cadence as I back off the sprint, leading the trainer to record 0 watts for a short period. I’m doing all of these seated due to my knee. Any way to make the trainer track more closely with my pedalling?

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If you are in big chainring, try switching to little chainring.

I just accept a momentary drop in power, like when sprinting outside on the flats. I’m not a fan of the lower torque requirements in little chainring, particularly on aerobic endurance workouts that fill traditional base 1 (it feels like riding down a false flat to me).