Fitness Gains Mid-Plan: re-test, increase %, or wait?

I am coming off a longer-than-desired break following a move and am getting back in the swing of things with Sweet Spot Base I. I finished week 3 yesterday and I think it is starting to get easier than it should be. Did the first workout of week 4 this AM which confirmed my thinking.

I’m sure this has been discussed previously but curious if best practice is to retest, just increase the %s for each workout, or ride it out and retest when this block is over? I am a long ways from previous peaks so not shocking that I am building fitness quickly…just don’t want to under-do it for the next two weeks leading into recovery week. Having a big-ish relative jump in fitness is great but I also want to guard against being terrified of SSBII workouts…if that’s possible.

You can always bust out another FTP test. It’s 30 minutes of your time.

I personally wouldn’t worry about it not being hard enough. We are building the aerobic engine by working under threshhold. Working at 75% versus 85% doesn’t mean that the work was unproductive. In fact, the adaptations are almost exactly the same.

Plus we are going into winter now. You have months and months to be ready for the spring if that is your goal.

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