First Time Replacing Press Fit Bottom Bracket

Not even sure this is true.

Now, there are some personal issues, shall we say, with the author, but his engineering is spot on, IMO. Good read on bearings here:

Hambini on ceramic bearings

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Oh, I missed the Sram DUB part. I don’t think Wheels mfg makes dub bottom brackets for bb86 due to very small ball size. I use normal Sram bottom bracket on my bb86 gravel frame and wheels mfg on my bb386 road frame with Shimano cranks.

@vpe thanks. Checks with my inability to find anything on the Wheels Mfg site. Overall I’m impressed with their stuff, though.

Yeah… I tried to be polite :smiley: Some people are very passionate about ceramic bearings and swear by them.

After a bit of searching, Wheels MFG seem to make bb86 dual row bearings for dub cranks but they are rather expensive. Also, they come without a sleeve (so no thread-fit).

If you insist on having thread-fit, Token makes dub bottom brackets for bb86 frames (bb4129qb). I personally don’t have any experinces with Token’s products so don’t know about quality.

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Thanks for the link! I’m going to check everything else on my bike because the pedal stroke is still smooth. If I replace the BB, at least for now I’ll use another press fit. I bought the tools to do it myself because 1) it seems like something I should learn / know how to do and 2) I hate dropping my bike off for a week for what should be 30-60 minutes of work, tops.

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It’s not as complex as you think if you have a serviceable BB and good tools. Great way to learn about your bike by doing these kinds of maintenance items DIY.

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It can be hard to tell if the BB bearing is going by judging the pedal stroke. Really need to remove the crank and turn the bearing with your finger to see if there is roughness.

I never understood all the fuss about press fits. If they go, just replace them. I’m on BB #3 on my MTB. They’re $40 a pop. I spend 5 or 6x that on tires each year.