First time bike packing/travel jitters

I’m traveling with my bike this week for the first time, packed my bike today to give myself some time to pack without totally panicking tomorrow. I have a loaned bikend helium case which has inflatable bags for cushioning, seems really nice. But of course I’m experiencing what I imagine others do when traveling with their bike for the first time as far as nervousness of passing a nice bike along to other people to handle. Hoping I did a solid job, made sure to get some extra bubble wrap for some things and trying to have faith in the airport staff to get it there without damage or having enough time to sort any damage out if it does come to that.

Where are you off to?

I’ve done one with a cheap bag, one with a cardboard box, then recently gave in and bought an expensive bike box. I haven’t had a bad experience with either. :+1:

Going to my in-laws, and riding in the Gravel Worlds (150miles). If it was any other time of year I’d probably get a box and ship it but don’t want to be without it too long due to CX season starting soon here