First ride after recovery week

So I took a recovery week and the first session back - Baird -1 (vo2 max) - was pretty ridic, but I was able to finish it. I thought it would have been easier since I was fresh. I did that same ride the week prior to my recovery week.

Does this happen to others? Maybe my legs are just getting back under me and tomorrow’s workout should be fine?

A little date - triathlete, did 2 endurance/low TSS rides and two easy runs on my recovery week. The week prior I failed to complete a ride for the first time on Saturday, skipped Sunday and decided I needed a little rest.


Very common. Recognize that you are coming off a week with some pedaling, but effectively little to no intensity. Jumping in to a hard workout or FTP test (as is common for many plan transitions) can be a shock to the system.

Many of use use an “opener” the day before to wake up the body and mind and remind us what it feels like to work “hard” again.


Perfect - I will keep that opener in mind. Appreciate the quick feedback.

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