First failed workout - SSBHV2 - advice on schedule adjustment or simply skip a day?

Hey guys, seeking some advice on adjusting my training schedule.

I made it through SSBHVI without problems and saw a nice bump in FTP (8%). I started in on SSBHV2 and have been doing very well but now race season has started here.

My plan has been to simply replace my workouts with races on the weekend and continue with a Base+Build+Specialty, which I would still like to do.

I raced 2 crits on Sunday to replace my scheduled Hunter -2.

First race was a 46 minutes @ .81 IF - no big deal really.
Second race was 40 minutes @ .93 IF and really hurt.
The full week was 757 TSS (all indoor TSS aside from the crits)

The next day was a scheduled rest day. I took it easy, slept good, ate good…

My Tuesday workout was Hunter -1. I got the first 20 minute interval done, but my heart rate spiked to 172 (normally around 154 during these efforts). I decided to pull the plug after the first interval.

My question: What next? I have another race this coming weekend. I fear I am starting to dig myself a hole, but maybe it’s as simple as “take 1 extra rest day”. Or, should I drop down to a mid-volume plan?

What about today? I am scheduled for Eclipse (3x20m SS).

Should I push my entire schedule by a day or two? Skip a few days?

Any advice appreciated.

SSBHV is a huge amount of TSS that most people can handle only because they never really go deep into the hole - all the workouts are sweet spot.

My guess is that by adding in the VO2 and threshold work that comes from racing you’re just digging that hole too deep - so even though the total TSS for the week might look approximately the same as the plan dictates you’re actually hurting yourself a bit more because not all TSS is created equal.

I’d recommend you swap that Friday easy ride to Tuesday and see how that goes post-race. If the extra recovery time doesn’t work then you should probably drop intensity on a couple of the sweet spot rides if you want to keep racing


I have had the same i finished ssbhv1 easy the seconde is harder. I tottaly changed the way of nutrition and took things serious and fought to finish every work out im now almost done with week 4 and my ftp went UP i can finish them more “easy” im thinking i gained 10-20 watts. Wat makes me on 4.3 wkg.
Im switching the endurance rides in for recovery ride… Ill get those extra endurance miles when the weather allows me to. And push myself on those SS

Wow yes, this makes a ton of sense. Thank you for this response! I will try that for next week and see how it goes. My only worry is that it gives me 5 days in a row of dedicated SS work without the aerobic ride to separate the longer SS interval work.

Any advice on digging out this week? Should I try to complete Eclipse on a lower intensity? Or just some sort of recovery spin? Or just take today off and try to come back at full strength tomorrow?

I might be unreasonably terrified of missing workouts.

Im also scared to miss or fail work out, its normal Just start fresh tomorrow with good mindset. And font be scared to miss endurance workouts… You can always make it UP when riding outside.

Replace something along the way with Petite or similar - take it easy for a day

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Didn’t see this asked: while the HR might have been high, what were the legs and lungs telling you during your effort? Just curious if maybe you might have just reacted to a higher HR when maybe you could have completed the workout.

Thank you again for your response! Much appreciated!

RPE was way way high. It felt like above threshold work. That was another big reason I decided to bail. I’ve definitely seen elevated heart rate and gutted it through my workout, but this was a bit different.