Few feature requests.. % of FTP shown on workout screen

Passing along a few feature requests:

  1. Adding time bar to workout screen – while using iPad I am not able to see the current time
  2. Adding percent of FTP to Power and percent of max HR to Heart Rate – perhaps also percent of avg workout cadence next to Cadence
  3. Addition of workout start time – this could also be a place to put current time

Attached is a very crude mock with examples of how it could look. I’m sure a UX designer could make it look much prettier.

Just a few ideas…! love the product and 5 :star: podcast!!


I really like all of these ideas… Big +1

Two Thoughts:

  1. There are multiple camps when it comes to how to measure heart rate. Percentage of max vs Percentage of (HRmax - HRrest) and probably others. I would also love to see some sort of “this is your typical (6-wk average?) heart rate at this %FTP” whether in real time or as a companion to the power curve.

  2. I’m not sure % of average workout cadence would be super helpful, especially considering warmup and rest intervals, but individualized cadence targets would be great. Instead of Chad’s text saying “increase cadence by 3-5rpm over normal for this next interval,” TR could pull all of your cadence data for intervals at that %FTP and give you a specific interval target that is relative to what you have actually done in the past.

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Existing related thread.

I may merge it, but will decide later.

Agree with your thoughts!

One more could be, in addition to percent of FTP next to power could also be w/k… could be fun to see 4.2 watts/k next to a threshold interval power target… motivation station!