Felt Bike warranty

I have a 2012 Felt B16.
I was told recently that there is a cable guide behind the crank. I dindt know that was there.
Anyway, it broke. It was connected to the frame via some rivets. And apparently the sweat and water broke it.
I think is a poor design but apparently Felt will deny my warranty claim on the ground of corrosion because apparently i don’t clean my bike on places that are very hard to reach after every ride.

Has anyone have had experiences with felt with situations like this?
If so, how should i handle it. What can i tell them so they will honor the warranty.


Are you working through an authorized Felt dealer or direct? Having a dealer be your advocate will increase the chances of a warranty claim. If it was the dealer that sold you the bike, even better.

Even if the warranty is denied, the frame may still be repairable. Call around your local bike shops and ask for recommendations for a frame repair. Good luck!


The dealer the bike was bought from closed 2 years ago.
We used to have a local dealer but about a year ago, they switch to Giant and no longer carry Felt.

The closest dealer is abut 1hr away.

Call the Felt dealer that’s an hour away and see if you can bring in your frame for their assessment. If they feel like it’s a warranty item Felt may very well reverse their decision. I would drive an hour to find out.


Thats a good idea. Ill call them and see what they think!
Thanks for the help!

I have had horrible issues dealing with Felt…bought a 2016 Edict from a guy who got a pro deal on it thru the shop he works at…the rear chainstay cracked…I knew it wouldnt be covered as I was a second owner…but they didnt even want to sell me one. I finally was able to get one for $500…it recently broke again and ran into the same thing…they only had a few left and couldnt sell me one because they were saving them for warranty issues…will never buy a Felt again.

I have a similar issue.
I bought the bike from a friend 2 years ago (he was not using it)
But my friend would be willing to claim warranty on it if they start asking too many questions.

I would be fine if they sell me a new frame for cheap.