Feature request: updated endurance workouts (outdoors)

Whenever doing outdoor endurance workouts, most of them will just note the duration of the whole workout and say work between 60-75% of your FTP. Because it averages the entire time, you can sit at 65% for 30 minutes and you can go wildly above or below without having Garmin yell at you.

It’d be nice to see the endurance workouts chunked into smaller blocks. Example: If Pettit builds from 60 to 70% and back to 60, it’d be nice to have 4x12 minute blocks with appropriate target changes rather than 51 minutes of “ride between…”

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What if the workout notes said it didn’t matter?

It might not be super significant physiologically but it would make the outdoor workout easier to look at and also to stay focused in an outdoor ride, and make the aerobic bounds easier to stay within.

i wouldn’t overthink it, it’s this way because endurance rides are long and the terrain for most is varied. 60-75% elicits the desired adaptation and is different from focused interval blocks at higher intensities for shorter durations. Even the pros just focus on a range or feelings for their endurance rides.