Feature request: sound notification outside power range

Apologies if this has been requested already.
On dumb trainers, I often find myself glancing down every few seconds to see if my power is on track. I feel like I get a much better ride when I’m looking forward and concentrating on breathing or keeping my upper body still.
Would it be possible for a sound to play when you drift under your power or when you go 5w over power (with an option to set a power range) just so we know to pedal a little bit quicker/slower without always looking down?
It wouldn’t be ideal (and could be annoying) on certain types of workouts (anaerobic/sprint sessions) but on longer intervals it would be a nice QOL feature

Thanks for the suggestion Tommy!

While this isn’t something currently on our Development Roadmap, I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :slight_smile: .

We are currently in the middle of a major app overhaul, but upon the completion of our current project we will have more resources to allocate to these types of feature requests :+1:.

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Thanks for the consideration

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