Feature Request : Social Workouts


Would like to see the ability to make TR workouts more social. Not trying to be Zwift, but the ability to setup a Workout with a friend or two and then be able to track our progress while doing the workout would be interesting and bring a nice competitive aspect to what is otherwise a boring workout.

I have introduced a number of people to TR and told them to leave platforms like Zwift… they have done that, but they miss the social aspect!

If this can be added at some point, it would really be a big thing for users!

Thank you!




I prefer TR to be a world of solitary pain, like Rocky Balboa’s winter training in Rocky IV :boxing_glove:


I’m not sure I like this being within TrainerRoad. Are you envisioning seeing a little progress bar for them next to yours? Maybe their power either above or below yours?

Just having trouble picturing the benefit here

If you’re looking for a way to chat with your friends I’d suggest something outside the app, but honestly I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for - is it the motivation or seeing that your friend completed an interval without bailing?

Yeah, something that you can align with like a progress bar and a sync when start would be a nice feature!

Apparently, turning TR into Zwift or some other trainer-tainment app is a hot topic today.

There are existing ways to blend apps, like Zwift and TR.

And TR’s stance is still to focus on training, while leaving entertainment to each person.

Evidently now that it is snowing on the upper east coast, a lot of us are stuck indoors and wish to be social.

We would like to suffer in misery knowing someone else is doing the same.

Look at your Disaster ride for December… wouldn’t that be a lot more enjoyable seeing where other people are?

Social Training is a great motivator… its why we prefer group rides… we get to see what our fitness and strengths and failures are… this allows us to train… and using TR is a great resource to train… but the social aspect would make it a billion times better and just like people are leaving TP in droves to come to TR, add this feature and see people leave Zwift as fundamentally it a game and not a structured workout.

After trying a few of these services I settled on giving TR my money and can already see I back the right horse based on the features already add in recent months.

This is a simple request, but will obviously take a lot of coding to get right. Not asking for this to happen today, rather at some point… like Winter 2019!

Just do a Skype video conference and watch each other suffer…

In fact that’s not a bad idea!

Just how many more devices do I need?

Sheesh, iPad for TR, iPhone is doing the music wireless to the headphones… so that leaves… get another device…


Bake it into the TR app!

Or you can use a more capable device that can multitask.

My PC runs TR, Zwift, Chrome for browsing and either music or movies via various apps, all at the same time.

Regardless, I appreciate the TR focus on training and direct related items (calendar and analysis). They simply won’t make everyone happy with any single choice. Easier to leave that to the individual and place their limited resources on what matters most for getting faster.