Feature Request: Rehab Plan

I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I would love it if TR featured some sort of rehab/recovery plan. I’m recovering from a broken foot and have gotten the okay to incorporate light, low-resistance cycling. It’d be nice if TR could pick its easiest workouts for me for the next six weeks. :slight_smile:

Good to have the Feature Request on file, but from comments on the podcast, I think their current suggestion would be to use the Traditional Base Plans for this purpose. They have briefly touched on it in their description as well.

Essentially, the Low Volume plan may be the “easy” approach you are considering, at least what you can access right now.

Ah thanks! I always forget about the Traditional Base Plans.

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Update: this is a nice concept, but the workouts jump straight in at 75+ minutes. It may be a good jumping-off point, though, combined with workout alternatives to bring down durations.

Yup, Alternates use would be key here, for those that want shorter workouts. An extra step, but one that is easier now than ever, so it’s still the best option until a time when/if TR handles this request specificially.

This would be practically impossible, given everyone’s restrictions during rehab (% of FTP / absolute power not to exceed, allowable length of a ride + progression for ride time, etc.) - I speak from lots of experience having had 5 arthroscopic knee operations. Rehab was slightly different each time.

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Just to add a thought to this, it would be nice to have a plan that almost gave the “easy version” of each workout category and used the survey mechanics to go “Do you want to keep going with that type at that FTP & progression? Next we have over unders (for example), does that need to be dropped from the plan and replaced?”.

I’ve just had the ok to start training properly after 5 months of off, or at best tentatively dipping my toes into different categories of workout. Obviously I dropped my FTP manually (then retested when able) and avoided things that were more at home in the Build phase, but a more structured and guided move through the options would have been welcome.

Realistically, no normal physio is going to prescribe exact metrics (e.g. % FTP, progression type stuff), for example mine were more interested in how much I was holding on because my injuries were mostly above the waist, but using existing tools and asking the right questions it should be possible to create and guide users to follow a plan in a relatively “exploratory” manner, weighting user input far more heavily than plans do by default.

Anyway, just a thought :slight_smile: