Feature request - Please add the Distance pedaled measurement to the software

Rightly or wrongly I sometimes feel like doing a workout based on how many miles I have cycled rather than time.

I want the option to toggle on or off the screen, the distance I would have hypothetically travelled during a workout.

Sometimes I want to just ride 10 miles on the trainer as fast as I possibly can. Or I may want to ride 50km and then take a break etc.

Whether these are perfectly accurate with the real world is not the point. This basic feature should be available and I find it rather bizarre that you can’t at least toggle it on.

I use a good but dumb trainer and when my rides get loaded to strava via TrainerRoad when a workout is complete, it shows a theoretical distance on strava. Presumably, this is simply based on what TrainerRoad has passed on in terms of number of revolutions of the rear wheel etc.

Please let us have this feature. It is one of the few things I dislike about TR.

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