Feature request: extend current interval

I was wondering if there’s anything in the works around adding the “extend” feature to every interval, not just warm up/ cool down?

For instance, there have been a few instances where I’ve felt great on some threshold or vo2 max intervals and have wanted to add a minute or two on to the rather than bumping up intensity. I know you can do this by switching to resistance mode, but then recovery valleys are effected.

It would also be very handy for the sessions with large blocks of endurance at the end. For instance, I did elephants +4 today and wanted to make it two hours. At present I would either have to extend the cool down and mess about with the intensity, or load Taku up afterwards. It would be super handy to just be able to add 30 minutes on to the endurance block with a few clicks of a button. Makes me more likely to actually commit to the extra time too… ha!

Should be fairly simple considering the software already supports the functionality?


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