Feature Request: Correlation Vo2Max and FTP - more parameters - power profile?

Hello together,

often, the power calculated by FTP for Vo2Max (or something above) intervals does not correspond to reality.
This “problem”/phenomenon should occurs by the most of the riders.
The vo2max could be lower or higher than calculated. This means, that the training stimulus is not optimal.
Is it planned to implement a kind of power profile?
For example:

  • Test for FTP
  • Test for Vo2Max (could be done by a 5min all out test)
  • Sprint max output
    Those data could be used in relevant workouts and TR could pay attention to it.

Would be great and definitely more accurate.

Have a listen to the latest vidcast, it will answer all your questions.

VO2max specific clip:

Something like this is in the pipeline, according to Coach Chad. Not much detail at the moment, but they definitely recognise that the higher the percentage of FTP, the less reliable FTP is as a guide for your ability to sustain and repeat efforts.


Unfortunately, this isn’t still implemented. Does anyone have news regarding „kind of power profile“?
It would be great to determine the zones manually. For example from a performance diagnostics.
Using the FTP to determine the complete range of zones isn‘t that accurate.