Failing pre-race workout: Rainbow

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But I’ll say this: @LarrytheStanimal has tenacity and heart. Don’t bet against that combination.

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Dude I’m a card carrying member of the Tin Cup and @LarrytheStanimal fan club. You should see the ridiculous stuff I’ve done!


You guys are too much. I got nothing on most peeps on this forum. But I do appreciate the encouragement.

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It’s all about attitude and getting yours - whatever that is - because someone is always faster! Go get it!

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@LarrytheStanimal how was your weekend? :flushed:

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Hi Brennus,

Thanks for asking! I had a blast during the race. It was my first ever race, by the way. I made 8th place in Cat 2, 45+ age group, but there were only 9 riders in that group. I would have made 7th spot if I didn’t drop my chain. I didn’t know which category I belong to, but looking at lap times for the overall race across age groups and categories I seem to fit into Cat 2 and would have made the podium on Cat 3. So Cat 2 is my space for improvement.

Fitness and power-wise, I think I can probably improve 3-5% without a major refocus of my lifestyle. I think the bottleneck is not power or fitness but cornering, momentum retention, and constant application of power after short application of brakes. I think the attached paints the story well, with way too much time coasting or in active recovery:

So I might focus less in the future on re-doing failed workouts and more time on trying to improve times on flat, windy segments. I am thinking about creating a formula to assess my segment performance in this regard utilizing segment time but also the skewness of power across power zones. The idea would be to improve segment times without skewing power application to VO2max/anaerobic side of the spectrum.

Sorry, you asked…


First race ever??? So cool…


You picked a crazy year, though.

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Thanks! Always great to discuss actual results, so much more enjoyable than debating theory :smiley:

What type of race?

XC race. 2 x 6 mile loops for Cat 2. Generally flat and windy with roots, trees, pine needles and one out-of-saddle climb.

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I think a covid race was probably a little easier because people were staged in groups of 3-4, so there wasn’t that mad rush for position…that said, people rushed off the finish line as if it were a mass start…

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