Experiences with Rotor BB

After not even 3000km my Rotor BB (rotor bb386evo pressfit) gave up on me. The left side bearing doesn’t move at all.
I ordered the same BB again and will have it replaced.

Though I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with Rotor BBs?
I can exclude crashing or extensive riding in bad (meaning wet and salty) weather conditions as possible causes.

What say you? Just bad luck? Should I have gone for a different manufacturer for the replacement?

Rotor BBs don’t get amazing reviews - that said my summer road bike has one and it’s been rock solid :man_shrugging:

If mine did fail I’d probably go for something else but wouldnt spend a fortune. I think too much emphasis is put on BBs in general in my opinion. If it spins, has no play and doesn’t make a racket then its fine…

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This guy is a pretty intense aerospace engineer with a passion for verifying manufacturing tolerances of frame bb shells, and aero testing. Both are areas companies have got pretty angry with him, and then backed off as they realise he actually does know what he is talking about.

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I’m not a massive hambini fan to be honest :joy:


Yeah, he is definitely provocative if nothing else.

A real intellect but also having returned to his blog recently to look up something, he seems to have a real obsession with a female cycling journalist that has turned into a really weird misogynist rant (also attracting acolytes of a similarly depressing world view). I don’t want to encourage him with the page views so I’ve deleted my bookmark in the hope that someone a bit less objectionable will take up the mantle instead.

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To answer the OP, I had a similarly rubbish experience with the BB on my Trek Domane that failed after 2000km with only mild use in the wet. I replaced with an Enduro branded bearing instead from https://www.wychbearings.co.uk who (if you’re in the UK) were absolutely excellent and delivered next day.

I have the BSA68 Rotor BB on 3 bikes and the pressfit on another, and all have been excellent - lasted well beyond expectations consistently. They have recently become impossible to find in the UK sadly so have swapped 1 of them to a no-name equivalent from Amazon, so will be interesting to see how this does…