Enve Wheel/Hub Question

I’m trying to determine whether Enve SES 3.4 Disc wheels with Enve alloy hubs will work on my bike. I have a Look 785 Huez that uses Mavic speed release thru axle system. According to Mavic, I need a wheel that has a hub with a constant 12mm internal diameter. Enve rep to local bike shop said the wheels were not compatible with the speed release axles. Called Enve and they said the axles should work but the support rep I was talking to did not have access to the hub engineering drawing to confirm.

Does anyone know whether the Enve wheel/hub has constant 12mm internal diameter or can confirm that the Enve alloy hub works with the speed release thru axle? Thanks…

Enve hubs are made by Mavic. They have an internal (secondary) axle https://support.enve.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042529772-ENVE-Hub-Assembly-Exploded-Diagram (which is the constant tube) - parts 100-4001-293 ; 100-4001-291
You’re fine. Don’t get the CF hubs, get the alloy.

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Good to know. Thanks.