Enve ses raceday tire

Has anyone used the SES Raceday tire yet?

I’m very interested in it for my Giant Trinity TT. However, the tire clearance is reported as 25mm and the Raceday’s minimum is 27mm.

Is there any wiggle room in bike reported tire clearance? And/or has anyone fitted bigger tires on a Giant Trinity?

The wheels I’m riding are the
Cadex front 4 spoke and rear disc, below are the widths, if that helps and the bike is a rim brake
|Rim Outer Width|27.6mm
|Rim Inner Width|21mm|

I would doubt a rim brake bike - the rim brakes specifically- can handle this wide a tire. Maybe if the brakes are the dual pivot design you might just be able to fit these tires.

Rim brakes place limits on tire and rim widths. Modern tires tend to be at least 28 mm wide, which is the outer limits of what road bike-style rim brakes can officially handle. So I would not count on that combo working.