ENVE’s new gravel bike. The MOG

Big tire clearance (700x50) and a decently relaxed head angle (71.25 for a 56) make this look like something akin to Canyon’s Grizl. Traceable but maybe a bit more focused toward adventuring and ‘every day’ gravel riding.

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Looks like a lot of fun! But $5,500 for a “chassis” :money_mouth_face: That might be fair and comparable, but it’s way out of my range…

Yeah, not cheap. But from memory, that’s not too far off other ‘boutique’ US made carbon frames like Allied and others.

This one isn’t US made I’m pretty sure. Their web site doesn’t say specifically, at least not on the main product page, but if it was US made that would have been front and center.

$4950 for gold members at biketiresdirect. Too rich for my tastes but fair for what it is. Looks like a great bike.

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Looks pretty generic. Not sure why it costs $5000 when the fork retails for $600 and is found on other bikes that cost way less and weigh the same.

50mm tire clearance is still fairly unique, as is in frame storage. And of course you’re paying a premium for the Enve name. T47 BB is nice too. I’m sure it’s super well made.

Cause is says (ENVE) on it… duh :wink:

I have 2 sets of enve wheels and a cockpit but I had a discount at the time. This stuff had gotten crazy.


It’s mass market Taiwan, I believe the only USA built frame is their original custom one

For that price, I’m goin custom Ti


This will be their winning ticket if, they can sell them in the 7-9k range, top of the line, vs Diverge S-Works or Trek SLR7-9

Enve says it stands for “Mother of Gravel” but my mind instantly went here:



According to Enve, the MOG is made in China.

Besides buyers loyal to the brand, I don’t see the value at their asking price. Way too many competitive options for half the price and a better warranty. But I do love the way it looks.

I think the key is the package. The competition is narrow if you want:

  • Tire Clearance
  • Storage Box
  • Race apt geometry with mounts
  • Relative light weight.

The question is can one get this bike under 8kg with high quality components from good brands?

Tire Clearance: Optimized for mid-40s - no advantage there.
Storage Box: Check.
Race geo: In the range of others
Weight: Average

Big unknown to me is how it pedals and rides compared to the others. I hope to get some saddle time on one.

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I think your assessment is missing:

  1. Only light bike to fit 50mm tires, and modern geometry.

  2. Only 3rd high end bike with storage box. (Diverge, Checkpoint)

  3. Only bike to fit 50mm, have storage box and internal cables.

My LBS is an Enve stockist. They currently have both the Melee and the MOG in stock. I wasn’t necessarily sold on the Melee on paper, but after I rode the demo, I was pretty impressed, though there would be stiff competition at the price. While I haven’t ridden the MOG, I’m willing to bet my conclusions would be similar. The colour also looks better in person.

It’s worth noting the ‘package’ cost includes stem (length of your choice), bars (ditto) and seatpost (offset of your choice). At the rrp of Enve finishing kit, that actually makes the frame directly comparable or a little cheaper (at least in the UK) to the likes of an S-Works/SLR or similar. Of course, whether or not >£4k is a reasonable price to pay for a mass-produced carbon frame is a different question.

This obsession is not something that is necessarily widely shared and would not be a differentiator for many buyers.

  1. MOGs are coming in around 18.5.lbs+ in 58cm. If weight is the #1 priority, you can build a lighter bike for the same dollar.

  2. I think Orbea also has this, maybe a couple of other brands too. But if bike weight is so important, why add weight to provide this feature which ultimately attaches more weight to the bike? I don’t mind the additional weight myself.

  3. Internal cables are not a plus IMHO, especially for this application, but I do appreciate the aesthetics!

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50C is an odd tire size anyway. It’s big for what a lot of people use for racing, and there aren’t that many tires in that size anyways. There’s honestly little benefit in going from mid 40’s which most bikes can fit to 48-50c tires; going to a real MTB tire like a 2.1-2.25" tire is a big upgrade if you’re adventuring. I know this for a fact because I ride with someone that has a checkpoint and the max tire size is 50c. There aren’t impressive options for adventuring or bikepacking and those tires are slower and heavier than ones that are a little smaller. So good for them for trying i guess but this is just a spec on paper to check off and claim superiority. At the end of the day you aren’t gaining much if anything.

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You’re gaining clearance, which in some terrain is a huge deal. If you ride/race in sticky mud, you really can’t run anything bigger than maybe 40c and feel confident that most gravel frames will be safe. A bike with clearance for 50s means you can run 44c and be ok.

On a related note IME they’re just wrong on the 650B thing. I have 27.5 XC MTB tires on my hakka and there simply aren’t any 50c or less gravel tires that can compete with the traction and low PSI you can get with that. That’s just facts.