Elite Suito vs. Tacx Flux S

I am looking to upgrade from my wheel-on Saris M2 to a direct drive trainer. My budget doesn’t quite allow for one of the top-end trainers, so I believe I’ve narrowed it down to 2: The Elite Suito or the Tacx Flux S. I ride about 5 times a week following a high volume Full Distance Tri plan and plan to keep this up for a while, although possibly switching to some of the cycling specific plans later. I have never ridden zwift but it could become something I do in the future.

The Elite Suito seems to have a few advantages- better hill simulation, more accurate readings, comes with 11sp cassette, and folds nicely and has a handle. This last part is actually quite appealing as I regularly pack the pain cave into my car and relocate for a few weeks. But unfortunately it is on backorder everywhere, expected to arrive at the end of January.

The Tacx flux s seems to do everything I need it to, with the drawbacks being only simulating hills to 10%, not including a cassette, and being less portable. But I could buy it now on Amazon, and could use my credit card cash back and save a bit of money there. Since I am not riding in zwift right now, it seems like the hill simulation is no issue for now. The portability is a drawback, but I am used to lugging a wheel on trainer and spare wheel now, so it may still be an upgrade.

Anybody have recommendations for one over the other? Either company better to work with? Note that I already have a slew of Garmin devices (watch, hr monitoer, edge) so I’d be further selling my soul to them.

Any trainers I am overlooking? Any big thing I’m lacking going for one of these vs. the high end trainers (kickr core, kickr, Saris H3, tacx neo)

Thanks in advance

Where are you in the world and what’s available are the major factors at the moment. In the UK I narrowed it down (due to the fact they’re the only two in stock anywhere to the Suito and H3. Reading DCR and having had a terrible experience with a so called top end Drivo made me spend the few pounds extra on an H3.

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I have a Suito. It was great until it started making a terrible sawing noise.

Elite have agreed to replace it, but guess what? There is no stock availability for a replacement. So I’m running it anyway, hoping desperately it doesn’t die on me!

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How long have you had it before it started making noise? And has elite been easy to work with (other than not having replacements in stock?)

c. 3 months.

They haven’t been bad, to be fair. I took it back to the LBS (where I bought it) and on the phone, Elite initially requested it sent to them for inspection. However, when challenged about the amount of time I’d be without a trainer by my LBS (at least 2 months, probably more) they conceded that we could send a video (with sound) instead.

Based on the video, they have agreed a replacement, and I don’t need to send it back until a potential replacement is available - but no definitive timescale on that.

I’ve had a Flux S for ~2 years now and have been happy with it. I don’t use Zwift but my partner does, and he hasn’t complained about the hill simulation yet. I don’t really have to move it often, so portability wasn’t a consideration for me, but when I moved, it wasn’t hard to load it in the car (and I used to live in a third floor condo).

If the Flux S is in stock, and you’d like the trainer sooner, I don’t think it’s a bad way to go. I don’t have any experience with Elite so I’m no help there.

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