Tubeless Repair

My apologies if this has already been answered. I rolled over a piece of glass that cut a gash too big for the sealant to seal up. I got it to hold with a plug. What is the general consensus on using this tire moving forward? Is the plug a permanent fix? Is there something better? Should I buy a new tire?

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Know some who have endless plugs in their tyres and will carry on using them…

Myself, I’d view the tyre as compromised in strength and will possibly will fail at the most “inconvenient” moment. It will always be a weakness IMO.

Depends on how you push your tyres, riding style etc.

I’d replace as soon as I could.

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You can also patch the tyre from the inside with a tyre patch (like a thickish tube patch). But the same doubts about it holding up willl remain…

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Ive patched Pro Ones a few times. Last tyre had 3 patches at the end. Did at least another 2,000km after the first patch and was fine, was even starting to show canvas on an unpatched cut (must have had a slight bulge there) when I tossed it.

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I’ve used inner tube patches to repair tyres in the past with 100% success rate.

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I have had to plug two Pro Ones with Dynaplug’s. Ill continue using the tire if it keeps the tire pressure. On weekdays, the bike is on the trainer, on the weekend it goes outside. If, by the time the weekend comes and the tire is completely flat, its usually an indication that the tire has a pretty big hole.

I had to replace a pro one because it kept leaking at the same spot no matter how many times I plug it / add more sealant. At that point, its better to replace it than waste plugs.

Ive used plugged pro ones for around 3000 km after being repaired.

So yes, plugging it can extend the life of the tire so long as it still seals at the damaged area. If you have the time, add a tube tire patch from the inside for additional peace of mind.

Hope it helps.

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