Dual Bottle Cage queries

My fiance is looking for a dual drink cage to go on the back of her saddle. We tried a cheap one from a Giant shop but it basically broke straight away. As soon as it had the weight of the bottles in it the cage slipped down and the bottle fell out! Cheap rubbish.

She is doing her first full distance Ironman in May and rides an aero bike with TT bars attached, so she doesn’t have any bladder system. Just two cages on the frame.

Anyone recommend a good brand? I heard Nate say on a podcast that Xlab Gorillas are too tight to pull out from behind.

I’m running an XLab Turbo Wing with two Profile Design Kages. No complaints at all. 5:30 here:

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I have the Profile Design one. Cages have elastic on them which I think helps with bottle retention.

Had it for 18 months and up until 6 months ago it had worked flawlessly, used it in maybe 40-50 training rides and races with no ejections. Since then I’ve lost a bottle on a couple of occasions including as I was getting on the bike out of T1 which was annoying (guess it got shaken loose by the running). Seems to be fine with 500ml bottles and with my tool holder, it’s the taller 700ml bottles that stick up more that have had issues. Not sure if I was just lucky for the first year, or if maybe the cage/elastic is getting looser with time. So only using it with 500ml bottles now.

Edit to add: it’s also only been an issue with the taller bottles when they’re full, guess the key is not having any significant weight sitting above the top of the cage

I used these: https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-accessories/bike-bottle-cages/elite-pria-pave-adjustable-bike-bottle-cage-261573.html Wind it up a little bit tighter than necessary and it’s firm but not impossible to get them out.

Never lost a bottle. Used it with an Elite Skekane system and it worked great. Except for the CO2 cartridge holder… They just vibrate themselves free eventually and it’s really frustrating. They’re in a difficult place to get your hand to when you need them. Maybe upside down with a bit of Loctite would do the trick?