Dropped data and contacting trainerroad

I am a relatively new user and all was going well until today using the “up-graded” new version. I completed geiger-1 and the usual message about processing the data and then the screen just went black and remained black. So my query is - is this session now completely lost?

I tried to send an e-mail to traineroad but their web-based contact system doesn’t appear to work ie press the submit button and nothing happens.

I am not too happy about the above and would like to know if other users have had similar problems with the software and contacting trainerroad


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What platform are you using? App on a phone? Tablet? Desktop PC?

A windows pc.

Today also connection fail during eclipse workout… twice.

I have tried re-syncing and trainerroad can not find the data!

Support can often help with this.

As others have said, please reach out to support@trainerroad.com if you run into issues like this.

Device issues are very commonly environment specific and they’re very difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot on the forum.

It does look like your ride is showing up in your career now, so that’s good to see! :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for your help - its great to be in such a friendly community. Support have responded and my workout has appeared. I am very grateful for such a positive and helpful response from them.



Thanks for e-mail and the help of the support team. I apologise for going thro’ forum - it was partly a panic reaction to my first problem with the app.

Best wishes


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