Dream Bike Question

Pop into your local concept store and ask the question, another store might have your preference on display.

At least on the drop-bar side, my “dream bikes” are usually made out of steel. Like a speedvagen or Vanilla Cycles CX or gravel bike. Custom or handbuilt gravel bois that are difficult to attain partially because of price, but also partially because of availability.

Although for what you describe, i might want something lighter. In which case:


I know that all bike brands will make a superbike (e.g., they have $10,000 specializeds etc.) but the high-end Cinelli’s are just gorgeous.

I have my eye on picking up a Nemo TIG with a gravel build and that one is expensive but doable. i’m running the numbers to see if / when I can make it happen.

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Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc is my dream bike. I ended up buying the XR3 Disc as I got tired of waiting around for a disc version of the XR4. No regrets as it’s awesome and the difference in price turned out to be about £3k. Would have had trouble justifying that to myself!


I’m waiting on the 2021 Trek Emonda SLR Disc. It’s due for a refresh this year and my prediction (hope!) is that it will:

  • Be more a lot more aero with some kammtail tubing (this will be a weight penalty, but the current Emonda is the least aero of it’s peers)
  • Have internal routing
  • Use the new T47 BB standard
  • Be the just the right time for the new Shimano R9200 12 speed Dura Ace groupset

I would think around the time of the Giro I’ll know how much of this speculation is true.


Fairly certain the Cervelo R5 is going to have a spring classics revision coming out too.,

I have this same frame, built up with campy and ENVE.

It’s a FANTASTIC bike.


It’ll be my Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2. She might be getting long in the tooth but having treated her to a new pair of boots. Zipp 404NSWs, last year she still sparkles. Handles like a dream, super comfy…


Titanium frame with lugs for extra sex appeal, 50mm carbon wheels, carbon one piece bars, carbon seatpost, dura ace di2, thats pretty much it for me.

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2019 S Works Tarmac. With enve stem and handlebars. Love the bike. Gravel. Fondo. Lunch rides. Solid.

I have a 2018 S Works Venge. Hate it. So much so, I don’t even hang it on the wall. I put it back in the box it came in. It’s just a little stiff for me and I’m not riding crits. Doesn’t serve my purpose. It’s a 54. Anyone want it? Maybe 1000 miles on it.


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That’s what I have. Best bike I’ve ever owned by a monstrous margin.

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I have a BMC Roadmachine One 01 which is pretty bang on for what you describe.

My dream bike is a Saffron steely though.

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Ridley Helium SL for me. It’s superb uphill and downhill. No complaints whatsoever.

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This is what I dream about:) currently own emonda ALR5 and it is very nice but… that BMC is so lovely and well thought in every detail.

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It rides insanely well.

+1 SWorks Tarmac Disc

I’ve had mine for a couple months and it has blown me away. So light and quick - very noticeable for long climbs. For long miles, I will change out the tires for some tubeless 28s to make it even more comfortable. I think the biggest difference though was the handling - razor sharp, feels like you’re driving a sports car.


I did this on my Roadmachine recently, can’t recommended enough. Such a good ride.


I’m on the Tarmac disc bandwagon as well. Tubeless 28s as well.


LOVE that paint job!


I would lean towards a tarmac or supersix. I own the previous model Supersix and it is a do it all bike that has plenty of comfort to ride back to back big days. The tarmac is lovely machine but not having ridden or owned an SL6 I cannot comment on comfort

I am very interested in the new emonda though. Anyone seen an spy pics or have an inkling of what this may look like?