Widest tire disc road bike

So my apologies if this has been posted and I just can’t find it, but does anyone know what current disk road bike (cost and other specs irrelevant) accepts the widest tire? I’m looking to consolidate but would like something that is still somewhat aero and race ok on the road but can handle the supper muddy gravel roads where I live. The 28s aren’t cutting it haha. I’m eating mud on the regular and it’s not fun.

Don’t mind starting down the google path as well, but the answer is strangely hard to search and figured someone might just know.

Trek Domane will take 38s.


Ooh! Wider than I even hoped. Ty

I haven’t bought a new bike since 2018, and I forgot that it’s 2022, wait is till May on domane. Which I know isn’t that bad, just not used to it :joy:

Yeah, I think the Domane at 38 is about the widest “road” bike. There are plenty in the “all road” category that may go a little wider.

In COVID times, 5 months is fast delivery. :scream:

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Yeah, I was going to say, depends what you call ‘road’ bike. I have no issues on my Checkpoint on fast rides, that’ll take 50’s…

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I’ve heard good things about the 3T Exploro - it’s a carbon gravel frame but actually aero optimised and has very wide tyre clearance.

Worth a consideration as a left field alternative :thinking:

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Actually just pulled the trigger on an Orbea M20. Clearance for 35s based on the spec, and the sales guy told me you might squeeze 38s. Mostly because I walked into the shop and it was there. In my size. On a small sale. The holy trinity of pandemic bike buying.


How about a 3T Exploro? It is an aero drop bar bike, yet literally fit 2.25 inch mountain bike tires on 650b rims. It is also quite racy and harsh. If you want something that has endurance road bike geometry, an Open UP or an Open WIDE would also be options. The UP goes up to 2.1” or 2.25”, the WIDE, well, goes wider.


This is a pretty sweet looking bike. I just ordered one for my wife - although not as nice a spec or color as this one: