Don't saddle, erm...settle. Yes, I'll show myself out now

Random mention @Nate_Pearson made on his strava (i’m josh hilby over there) post about his 10 hours spent at 300watts sweetspot training got me asking the question to myself, “dude, I think you might be on the wrong saddle.”

Someone in the comments mentioned something about getting numb in the saddle that long. Then I thought about how on every sweet spot interval up the canyons here in Utah, I am having to get out of the saddle at least once to relieve some pressure.

Anyway, long story endless…I had a 168mm spec power saddle overnighted to me and got on a Geiger -1 session last night. There is no question that I was on the wrong saddle. First interval I was bumping up to 120% of the workout, which put me about 10% above my ramp tested FTP. And I was doing all this in the saddle, no numbness and at a HR about 10bpm lower than normal.

How I got to a too narrow specialized power saddle is a long story. Basically got a canyon aeroad last year. the fizik i alway rode simply didn’t allow me to get into my normal position, so i moved to the specialized power elation saddle. I bought the widest they had (or so I thought) at 155mm.

The point of all this is a thank you to @Nate_Pearson for bringing it up. But also for everyone to not give up on perfect contact points with the bike. Ever. Having been riding as long as I have, I should know better. But I was ignoring both the comfort aspect and an FTP (even untrained) that was well below where I usually ride.


It is hard to go fast or long if you are uncomfortable on a bike.

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Took me several years and just now found correct saddle. I mentioned saddle comfort on his Strava. After that I set out trying different saddles as one should be able to sit in saddle in comfort. For me it is the ISM Adamo saddle. But correct saddle has made riding so much better and can now complete 2hr trainer rides in comfort.

Had a bike fit about 2 months ago. Swapped out the stock saddle on my Domane (Bontrager Affinity) for something nicer (Bontrager Montrose) and I’m still feeling saddle discomfort as quickly as 20 miles into the ride. I am going for a follow-up fit to find something more comfortable.

I recommend trying ISM they are ugly but sit super nice.

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