Do you wear heart rate strap under wet suit?

Hello, I will be doing my first 70.3 at the end of May.
I was wondering if I should even bother wearing my wahoo heart rate strap during the event?
I have a Polar vantage so I can get HR from the wrist but I guess it won’t be as accurate as if I wore the strap.
If I wear the heart rate strap do I just wear it from the beginning, under my wetsuit during the swim?
Will wearing the strap reduce the battery life in my watch?
I am guessing it will take me around 6 hours to complete so I don’t want me watch to die part way through.
Thanks for any information you can share.

If you want accurate HR data, yes wear it from the beginning under your trisuit & wetsuit. I don’t have a polar but I’d sure hope the battery would last way longer than 6 hours.

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I’ve always worn my HR strap from the beginning of any tri I have done…why waste time putting in on in T1 when you get just get to your bike?

Put it on before the race, forget about it and enjoy the day!! 70.3 is probably my favorite tri distance. Perfect blend of endurance and speed.

have fun!

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Generally wearing a separate HR monitor will increase your watches battery life as the HRM on the watch usually uses more battery. Not sure about Polar but that is true of Garmin. You should wear it under your tri suit/wet suit from the start. Just make sure the back battery door is closed tightly. My only issue with the chest straps is that I find they are constrictive during the run.

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Are you planning on using the HR data during the race?

The strap will be more accurate, and people do wear them under wetsuits (though I think usually one designed for that purpose). But if you’re just wearing it because you usually wear one, it might not be worth it. There’s a lot going on, you don’t want to get distracted from your race because it’s sagging down, or not reading, or too tight when trying to stretch those lungs out.

My personal philosophy is to limit information when racing to what is easy to understand and useful to me. My HR is sky-high when racing regardless, so I look down it’s like 20 beats higher than normal at a specific wattage or run pace, I don’t know what to do with that.

That’s not to say that’s the “right” approach, you might find pacing by HR necessary, just food for thought.

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