Do you suffer from GAS syndrome?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title.

When I’m not sweating on my bike, I compose computer music. And in music production, there’s something called GAS (the acronym for Gear Acquisition Syndrom), where you’re constantly adding new gear to your setup, or thinking about new gear instead of just making music and enjoying what you have.

Are you the same with cycling ? Always looking at bike specs, how to transform your ride, or just all around gear ? How do you cope with it ?

Then again, it’s easier to change guitars or buy a new VST than to buy a 7K bike…

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I am very happy with what I have. It’s a cheap stock road bike from Rose (1k) and a Tacx Neo (1k). The latter is currently with Tacx for repair and I am using a Wahoo Kickr in the meantime.
I guess I will keep the Kickr as a spare. Anyway, this plus some sensors and tools are all I have ever bought for the bike. Obviously also some shoes, bibs, and jerseys.

Shouldn’t it be “GA Syndrome”?

Kinda like when people say “PIN Number” or “LCD Display”.

I’ll add this to my list of examples of RAS Syndrome (Redundant Acronym Syndrome).

Fair enough !

I needed the title for the topic to stay classy. This is a classy place after all


Yup, I have this syndrome. Probably have added an Oltre XR4 or Cervelo S5 frame to my online shopping cart and almost checked out half a dozen times now. I have a great bike that if you woulda asked me 6 months ago I would have considered it a holy grail bike (2019 Felt FR2 Disc w/ eTAP).

I don’t REALLY need a new Cervelo S5 but boy they sure are pretty. It’s a lot of bike for me so rather than making the impulse buy, I aligned reaching my fitness goals with gifts to myself. Right now I’m at ~2.3w/kg and whenever I hit 3.5w/kg I can start seriously shopping around for a bike upgrade.

I figure at my rate, it will take me over a year to hit 3.5w/kg. So, if I want the bike sooner, then I’ll have to train harder and continue to eat better.

The cool thing is that by the time I hit my fitness goal, I’m thinking I’ll be able to withstand the aggressive stance/geometry of something like the S5. Also, while I’m working up to that fitness goal, I’m putting away a little bit of money each month, making the end purchase much more palatable.

With all this said, God forbid I find something on a used marketplace that is a deal, though. I won’t know how to stop myself.

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My budget solves any such issues. Period.

“Just go ride your bike” they said. You “just can just train on heart rate” they said. “Wheel-on bike trainer is fine”. “Carbon doesn’t make you faster”. YOU DON’T NEED DI2. All lies… there’s no way back.

Fast forward one year later:

  • Started TrainerRoad
  • Started Zwift
  • Tacx Neo 2
  • Stages 4iii
  • Started doing core / six pack + yoga
  • Completely changed diet (which also costs money)
  • Looking into Tarmac SL7 or Orbea Orca (with DI2).