Do you ever just get tired of watching a timer tick down?

Sometimes its just so boring and tedius. Like the 1 minute VO2 intervals…you close your eyes, look down, pedal like mad, look up and 4 seconds have gone by…I watch the clock tick down at work so I can go home and train…only to watch the clock tick down on intervals…its a viscious cycle…or if you watch “the ranch” its a fishious cycle.


A banging music playlist does wonders for my survival rates

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A black hole event horizon has nothing on the slowing of time on some of the recent intervals I’ve done.

Always remember a quote I once heard, tick your alive, tock your dead… we’ll all reach that tock at some point, so enjoy the ticks… does make you wonder how long that final interval is between tick and tock is…and what’s inbetween…


I use Zwift as my primary distraction and focus (chasing rabbits on screen) and ignore the timer on short intervals.

On easier and longer intervals I either watch videos or read and ignore time.

All this is only possible when doing ERG workouts for me.


Yes, that’s why I run Zwift parallel to TR so I have something to look at

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I’m at work, so they disable image uploads, but just imagine I put the “little girl giving you confused side-eye” image, here …


It is a truly awful feeling when you’re 90 seconds into a three minute 130% interval and bury your head and pedal 50-60 revolutions at 100 cadence and look up and realize you’re now 97 seconds into that interval

I’ve mentioned this in other threads, but I count down (or up) to play games with myself. I know my VO2 cadence is around 100, so if I get to 60 seconds remaining I’ll count up to 50 and then down from 50 on my pedaling, or I’ll count down from 100, up to 150 then back down, whatever works

Gives my brain something to do and it truly takes a huge % of my mental energy to process simple counting when I am way over threshold


I started doing math, on how much percentage of the interval I have completed.
Although it works better with longer intervals.

Haha - I do the same thing, but only for longer intervals. I see how far of a fraction I can get down to for those brutally long sweet spot intervals. 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 - all easy for most of the common duration things. Figuring out 1/7th can be a painful exercise


Haha you can even expand it, so if I am at 12,5% of the interval (1/8 for you :stuck_out_tongue: ) how far I am I on the total workout

Or if you know your schedule, how far am in my plan

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I do this, too.

“Okay, one-fifth done. Okay, one-quarter done. Okay, one-third done, etc” It’s suprisingly helpful for long threshold and sweet spot intervals.


I do that, and then once I’m over halfway I do it in reverse - ok 1/3 remaining, 1/4 remaining, etc

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Visualization is helpful for me. I try to make it as vivid as possible.

Put yourself in a scenario where your success is reliant on making it to the end. It doesn’t have to be bikes.

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I do countdown into fractions…quarters, thirds, halves…thats about as far as my cognitive load will let me go. Funny, in races I try to multiply out my lap times to get a finishing time…amazing how hard it is to multiply out something like 47:30 for 3 laps…