DIY ROAD/GRAVEL/CX WHEELS. Have you heard about them?

I have a Canyon Endurace and I’m thinking about having some off road adventures with it - and by that I mean ride on some gravel roads. I don’t want to change tires every time I decide to go out so I was thinking about have an extra set so I can easily swap the wheels. Someone mentioned this company but I’ve never heard about them before. Does anyone have any experience with these wheels? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

no first hand experience.
looks to be bottom of the barrel cheapest spec.
seeing things like 18mm IW and standard builds having straight gauge spokes = not good signs.

just go aluminum wheels if wanting a gravel specific set on a budget.


I would go with a nextie build over those

Prices are similar to Light Bicycle. I’d use them over these guys just due to their reputation. Beware that the total lead time from LB is about 10 weeks, including transportation.

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Depending on the quality of the roads, can you not just ride your normal tyres?