Different prices

I have just started cycling, and payed 19.95 $ for the first month, to se If trainerroad or Zwift is the best app for me.
I can read that many people get trainerroad much cheaper, than 189 Per year i will have to pay. I have seen a yearly payment down to 129 and 99. At that price I Think it is interesting for me.
How do I get one of those prices. Are there different conditions for US and non US customer. If not how long will I have to pay the high price before I get such offer.

What you are seeing is “grandfathered” pricing. The price at the time you sign up is the price you continue to pay as long as you remain a subscriber. I think this is for annual subscriptions only. Nate has previously committed to keep this pricing while he is still in charge.

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Thank you for the information,

The Company want to hold their custumers, But not have new customers, Strange, Maybe they are not interested in new customers. Who want to pay more for the same service.

So companies should never under any circumstance raise prices? It’s done mostly as a thank you to members who have been here a while, not as an opportunity to take advantage of new members. Get on at $189 before the price rises again :wink:


Rewarding the folks that have been supporting the company for a longer time makes sense to me. How about cable companies that do the reverse and offer heavy discounts to new users and reward long time customers with pricing increases?


@PoulB I think @Nate has said if you are a loyal customer & he remains CEO, your pricing will not go up.

So, what we have here is a situation similar to the answer to the question: when is the best time to plant a tree? The answer is probably 10 to 20 years ago…but the next best time is right now. If you want to commit to TrainerRoad and if @Nate doesn’t ride mountain bike very much then the next best time for you to join is right now. If the rate of TR feature creep stays the same over the next couple years you will not regret your decision.


Is there not also the 30-day free trial for new customers? :thinking:


Yup, and people can also share the referral codes for a “free” month to start.



How do you feel about cell phone companies giving new customer better deals than older customer get?

I know I hate that


It’s a little unreasonable to think you can sign up at the price from 5 years ago ( or how ever long ago the annual sub was $99),

But it is great to realise once you sign up, you won’t see your price going up each year.

Pretty fair deal really :grinning:


I think what @Nate_Pearson and crew have done here is quite exceptional. Of all my monthly bills this is the only one that allowed me to lock in at the price I started at. Although not as low as some others here it is still an amazing value.

I would lock in now at current pricing as it could go up.

You either believe in the product or you don’t. There are free options out there and less expensive ones.

Im here for as long as I am able to ride.

I think some people pay less than half what I do. I wish I had started with trainer road 7 years earlier. Not because I might have saved $xx.xx a year. But because at my age I would be that much better off.

  • Pre Nate in episode 298, it WILL eventually go up at some point. So buying in now locks this before that eventuality and anyone would keep that legacy pricing from that point forward.

The price doesn’t necessarily have to go up. It could go down. But TR is a profit seeking entity and they will adjust prices based on the market and their competitors’ pricing.

Personally, I think the grandfathered pricing leaves a bad taste for new users. I understand the motivation though. They wanted people to stay on annual plans and not just sign up for 3 to 5 months every winter. They also don’t want to lose the non-users. Lots of subscription revenue is people that sign up and then don’t use the product. They have the best of intentions but don’t get around to it. If you keep the non-users at $99, they might stick around paying for years and years intending to use the product they never use.


I think it’s fair to say prices are more likely to go up, even if just because of inflation, but can see your point that the market could change and this could force a price cut.

I’m using TR all year through, but like many, do back off a bit during the warmer months.

This makes the annual/grandfathered in deal perfect for me.

I’m not sure this means new members are subsidising me or disadvantaged by it :thinking:

Engaged members using the product is the aim but your right that there will always be a % of members paying for something they are not using who might be more likely to cancel if the prices were going up.

Until I signed up with TR, I’ve never ever come across anything with “grandfathered” prices before. I don’t think it exists in this part of the world, so I can understand why new users find this strange.

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There are plenty of such cases. I merely use any of the features TR offers, actually mostly the calendar, one or the other workout once in a while, have not really liked any plans other than Traditional Base (which I could easily do without TR just hoping on the trainer and go at Zone2 forever).

So the retro price kept me here much longer than I would have stayed with rising prices. I am not the only one I guess.


Me - can’t bring myself to cancel…

I would argue that this is only the case for devices and not the monthly service. Carriers always let you switch to their newest plans.

So not the best analogy.

In the past hasn’t @Nate_Pearson said a price rise is coming so join now and get grandfathered in? I was thinking about signing up and then I heard about the price rise so that tipped me to join. Best decision I made.