Different crank length on different bikes

Hi all,
currently I have 175mm cranks on my Spark (MTB) and 172.5mm cranks on my Tarmac (road)! I ride road a bit more than MTB…

Now I’m buying Canyon Inflite cyclocross bike and canyon says that I need it in S size (179.5cm heigth and 82cm inseam) and that S size comes with 170mm cranks… I will use it for cyclocross season but also for trainer… so that would be third cranks size…

Do I need to buy 172.5mm cranks or 170 will be fine?

I Ride 172.5mm on my Stork road bike and i have a Canyon with 170mm small frame too and i cannot tell any difference.
I set my Saddle height from my pedal to saddle, Hence i take into account the crank length difference.

Depends largely on preferences. I think the jury’s still out on whether theres a benefit to the “correct” crank length. Most people dont even notice the difference. And anyone who does have a preference, in my experience, opts to go shorter rather than longer anyway

It will be fine

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You’ll be fine. I’m running 170 on my TT, 172.5 on road and MTB and 175 on the commuter. Doesn’t really make a difference.

You will hardly notice it, lest you swap between bikes immediately and really pay attention.

My Stages 172.5 PM craped out last March and have been waiting for an RMA to return on warranty to get fixed. In the meantime I’ve been running a 170 left Stages PM with a 172.5 right crank arm on my new bike and can’t tell the difference between left and right.

Won’t that give you unreliable power data? Although the difference is small in length, surely the forces you produce with left and right leg will give you terrible data given that the left Stages PM only multiplies the left left?

I do not recommend using two different length crank arms at once on the same bike. It might feel fine for now, but it will be doing weird things to your hips (rocking them side to side) and the rest of your body as you absorb and compensate for that difference ~90 times per minute. People end up with injuries from having misaligned seats or cleats, this is similar and arguably worse.

I wouldn’t worry about different crank length on different bikes. In that case you are mainly just affecting your hip angle, which if your saddle height is right and you’re flexible enough, should be no problem. People tend to adapt fairly easily, except for near the extremes.