Difference between intensity and power zones

I am a little unclear on the scale that is used when estimating TSS for outdoor rides without power (I’ve yet to throw down the cash for a power meter on the MTB). I think this is the same scale that is also used in plan builder to estimate TSS for a race. I personally feel it would be easier to use if I was entering in my perceived power zone. With a lot of time on the trainer, I am pretty used to what “sweet spot” or “Endurance” power zones feel like, but I have no idea how exactly that is supposed to match up to these ratings:

5-Tempo (ok, that one sounds nice and familiar)
8-Very Hard
9-Race Pace
10-All Out

Notice that there are 10 intensity ratings, but only 7 power zones:

Active Recovery
Sweet Spot
VO2 Max
Anaerobic Capacity

Has anyone seen a chart or something that helps clarify how these two ratings relate?

This basic topic has come up a time or two. Here is one example:

I prefer to think of the “Intensity” as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).
As such, I use my basic list generated from the basic Dr. Coggan info:


Thanks! that is very helpful. I appreciate the shared google doc. I have a personal preference that these fields in trainerroad were changed to match the power zones.

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