Di2 Front derailleur need support screw?

Do Di2 front derailleur need a support screw? Been riding the bike without it for months like that after I built it up.

It shifts just fine and works great. I’ve done some reading around most people say" just to angle the derailleur which is what you do before tighten down the derailleur to began with".

I would like to see what other people have to say about it does it really matter I mean the thing works great.

I see no reason to skip using what is an intentional design feature of the derailleur. Maybe someone has done A/B testing, but it’s such a simple thing to implement in general, I just don’t see the point in not doing it.

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Have had Di2 FD on frames with and without the space necessary to have the support screw butt against the frame/hanger.

Hard to say that there is a noticeable diff in shift quality, but it can’t hurt to install it fully as designed as Chad mentions.

Definitely handy though to dial in final cage angle by using the screw.

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My current bike came from the factory without the plate since there isn’t space for it and it shifts perfectly. My previous bike was quite similar but had mechanical Ultegra and there was room for the plate which was installed. The Di2 bike shifts better even without the plate.

If there was room for the plate I guess I’d install it but wouldn’t sweat it if it wasn’t there, especially if it shifts nicely. The manual for the 11 spd. even stated “However, in some cases a support screw and support plate may not be able to be attached”