Dealing with fatigue after hard training day

I would add to all the above leg massage. I got an R8 Roll Recovery tool and a massage gun to do self leg massage. For me, when doing this my legs feel fresh and ready to go the next day. Before, not so much.

Strangely, legs always feel fine. It’s more of a systemic fatigue. Though I do use a foam roller though maybe need to do more of it.

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Idk if this is right but this is what I do.

  • Get up and do a light stretch and take a hot shower.
  • Then I walk the dog and warm up the legs
  • use my Theragun mini massager for 5mins max to go over the legs
  • eat 1 honey stinger waffles salted caramel to make sure I got some fuel so indont get hungry during my ride or TR session and want to end it early
  • do my leg stretches and quick calisthenics
  • get dressed in bibs and hop on bike and do ride
  • shower then use massage gun for 15min max on legs

Seems like alot but it happens very quickly and it’s my routine. I notice it helps me out and I’m not sore like I used to be so im sticking with it.


I weighed out my carbs today and I thought I was taking 60g an hour previously but I guess I had the wrong scoop in or something because I was only taking around 40g an hour. Bumped it up to 75g this morning. (omg that stuff is sweet!!) We’ll see how that goes. Just an hour of level 2 today but I’ll see how I am after a few days added up and the weekend rides…

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Real food while riding? What sort of thing?

Lately its been bananas and fig bars and granola bars. At some point I’ll start making my own.

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You have to fuel fuel fuel.

I do about 900 tss a week.

How do I survive. I’m always smashing malodextrin on the bike