Data quality swimming

Hi, I’m using a Garmin Forerunner 935 in a 25m pool. I did a 400/200 CV test the other day and the data added 2 lengths of 25m at 55s and 50s. How, I know I swam 400m (I learned to count age 3) and sadly, I know I can’t swim at 55s/100m without a jet ski.

So, is there anything I can do to avoid this?

Watches can be more consistent with flip turns apparently. You can check Garmin connect for missed lengths but I don’t think you can edit it.

Consider using if you want to edit data

You can upload and edit .fit files. You can split laps that didn’t count correctly.

Make sure you have the lap distance set correctly in your Garmin.

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From experience with two garmin watches, you have to help them out if you want consistent length counts

Push hard off the wall at the start of a length
Don’t stop, change stroke or wave your hand around during a length
Don’t wave your hand around if having a quick rest between lengths

However, Garmin don’t use their calculated CSS value for anything as far as I know (I wanted to check mine this morning and it isn’t anywhere in Connect website or mobile app that I could find). So you could ignore the length counts and use the 400/200 times to hand calculate your CSS - subtract the 200m time from the 400m time and divide what’s left by 2