Cycling Zones What are they and when you use them in training

Guys can anyone help me i have searched everywhere about zones and i only got to know only 20 to 50% of it so can anyone please tell me about all zones and which training zone to ride when because whenever i go outside to ride my heart rate just shoots up and all the time i only do hard rides where all the time i am using my all power to pedal and focus on speed. basically training on speed all the time., but i never got to know about the zones which are there in cycling and which zone to use when and what zone will help you to get faster and better so please anyone who knows it reply :pray:

Anyone who knows please reply

There are tons of existing resources on training zones and training in general already here and elsewhere. Is there something more specific you are stuck on after going through those?

So as i have read about all the zones and i got know about them but my question is what training zones to use when because i don’t have coach so just for some knowledge that when to use which training zones i just want to know form you guys in simple words that i can understand that which training zones should i do on which time like nowadays i always train hard on everyday so i get fatigue fast so what training zones to use fore recovery and how long should i use and just in few words if anyone can make me understand i would be great and helped me

Can’t help think this is a trap trying to get another Zone 2 thread going. :rofl:

But just in case it’s legit…Keeping it simple:

Train hard one day.
Train easy the next and maybe the next if you are still tired.
Then train hard again.

Have you signed up for TrainerRoad? As a beginner this might be a great place to start!

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I can’t tell if you are being satirical or not.

If not… maybe just stick with a premade training plans for the time being. You could use trainer roads product, or Zwift. Or look at some of the ones online or in books.

Sounds like a great time to start the TrainerRoad SweetSpot Base plan. You’ll learn a lot from it and it will adapt to your performance.

I’d also look at your actual riding outdoors first if every single ride is hard. What’s the terrain like, lots of hills? How’s your gearing? Hilly areas with tall gearing can be really discouraging for new riders, and many new bikes don’t come with low enough gearing for new riders.

You may want to take your bike to your local shop to sée if they can set you up with lower gears since you need to be able to do easy rides as well as hard rides. Then just start going out a few times a week, increasing ride length and frequency over time. And make sure you finish at least a few of your rides a week feeling like you could’ve gone harder.

Have you researched this at all yet? There is a literal mountain of podcasts, (empirical cycling, trainerroad etc) YouTube (Dylan Johnson, tr, evoq) trainingpeaks blog, basically any coaching group has a blog with information, the usual training and racing with a power meter, cyclists training bible.

There is also already plenty of threads on this very forum with literally thousands of posts.

This video might be worth your while.

One piece of advice that I’ve learned the hard way - zones are an artificial construction intended to help explain how the human body works and guide your training. That is all. Your body is an amazing performance system that doesn’t actually adhere to zones in the final analysis.

Also, good Zone 2 is really just Tempo.