Cycling - Running equivalency

Your biggest worry, based on background, I say is making sure you stay injury free.
The best way to stay injury free is make sure you dont ever do it. Your cardio engine is there, but your legs will not. You need to make sure to slowly increase milage and speed… Maybe spend a few weeks adding miles to your running before attempting run workouts…
Its shouldn’t be too hard, just take it easy.

Yup. That’s what I’ve been doing for 4 months.
Easy endurance / tempo on “hard” days ( I was struggling running very slow, I had the same prpblem statting cycling ).
Now I run 2 to 3 times a week, 30min to 1h max.

I still got too greedy on september though.
I ran to my limits a few times with this too little training ( now I know that running 1h30 with no rest is my limit ).
I planned to have a rest week, but felt good and instead decided to have a last running week before rest week.
And obviously it was too much. The first workout of the week was painful and I had to stop entitely for 3 weeks.

But now I know my limits, warm up even more ( 15 minutes with a high emphasis on knees and ankles + 5 to 10min easy running ) and plan on adding 1 intensity session a week on february ( and from this point I will do 3/1 block periodization, assuming it works like it does in cycling ).

Until then, easy runs :+1:

The basic army initial test is on April. I’m pretty confident about it.

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As for equivalency, I’m gonna take into account your experiences, and roughly go with the 1:2 ratio, maybe 1:3 if I feel the need to be safe.

I was planning on doing 5h, progressing up to 8h a week of running but I might dial it down a bit.
( plus I won’t just do running, there will be rucking, a bit of swimming, and muscle strengh exercises so I think it’s safer this way ).