CX Bike Regulations: Lauf, Canyon, etc

USA Cycling announced that the CX Nats are going to be local to me this year and since I missed out on the opportunity last time they were in town I want to get in on the action this time! I’m an endurance MTB racer and live in a gravel-privileged area so my road bike is getting the boot to make room for a bike that can work for CX.

I don’t see myself getting really into CX racing so I’d prefer to get a carbon gravel race bike and I understand the ramifications this would have on the cross course.

My question is, and I can’t seem to find a clear answer on USAC’s site, are bike features like a Lauf fork or the double-decker Canyon bar allowed in racing? Always keep in mind that I’m just looking for age group participation and won’t be banging down the doors of the elite podium! Those types of unique features seem to be popping up on gravel bikes that I’m interested in and it would be idea to just roll up to the start line without having to change major components like that!