CRPS and Power Meter

Hi all,

My fiance was hit by a car 6 years ago while riding her bike. The driver was high.
Her left leg has been affected by the passenger side rear view mirror and had numerous PT appointments and experimental treatments, on and on. She has Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

When we started dating in May of 2018 she noticed that I ride my bike a lot. It honestly saved my life. I was 285 and now sit around 205 depending in my weight training etc… Still dropping. She is a smart woman and figured if she wanted us to work we would have to ride together. She was right and yes, we still work, but chase some different goals.

During the warmer months she built her ability up to ride a 145mile event., prior we did numerous century Sundays and last year we rode 400 miles ariund Utah including the high mountains. She did GREAT! She has found that riding the bike really helps her leg stay strong. This initsef is a miracle since doctors told her she could be in a wheelchair. She is in a wheelchair only it is LIV Langma Racing Bike all tricked out for speed! She will get occasional bouts with the pain and will have a pretty bizarre heart rate because of the constant stress the nerves send to the brain under normal load on the bike. BUT she also gets a VERY important psychological boost for beating the odds.

She is on Plan Builder Low Volume right now and on a “dumb” trainer with speed and cadence=Virtual Power.

I despise battery powered crank power meters–too much variation and cutouts due to battery caps and things jostling around --so I purchased ASSIOMA pedals. I use UNO for now. I want to get her a powermeter to more accurately help her training. Right now her Virtual Power is producing too many workouts that are too easy.

Is there a power meter that measures right leg instead of left? I am looking at chainring based, but want rechargeable like my Assioma pedal. NO LOOSE battery caps and waste of money.

Any suggestions would be helpful. She rides a LIV Langma (higher end model) with Disc Brakes. Are my only options chainring or Hub?

Wasn’t sure if anyone here could answer or of this should go to the podcast with Chad leading the charge.



Stages does right-only PMs if my memory serves me well. But the cost difference between that and a spider-based dual such as Power2max or others may make that choice questionable. I suggest you use DCRainmaker’s PM annual guide to help direct your search.

Thank you!! Yep. Forgot to check out DC