Crit race simulation

Tonights 45 min crit race has been cancelled (C race for me). What is a good workout alternative to use instead please?

Over-unders….simulates riding at near-threshold and then jumping above threshold for short periods.

You could also do 30x30’s.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about replicating what the race would have looked like….just do any intensity workout. No single ride makes or breaks a plan / your fitness.


Over/Sustained Power are good. 30-60s at VO2, then settle in to a 4-5min block at threshold. Simulating surging for a breakaway or chasing, then trying to moderate heartrate whilst working hard.

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Hey there,

It looks like it might be a little late for a recommendation seeing as your post is from yesterday, but if you need something for the future (or if someone stumbles upon this thread later on in a similar situation), this article might be helpful:

You can also search for the term “simulation” in our Workout Library and you’ll see plenty of workouts in your search results that are meant to simulate the efforts you might do in a race.

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Depends on how you ride your crit races. A lot of them will have surges well above FTP when you accelerate out of sharper corners.

The simplest thing is a bunch of 30-30s. Or Over/unders.

That was exactly what I said. :wink:

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Passing thought - in a perfect world, a crit simulation would start with a plan (essentially over/unders that mixed a range of intervals from tempo to VO2), but the software would throw in unanticipated VO2 and anaerobic segments of varying durations at random times. At least in my experience, that’s the difference between crits I’ve done well in and crits I’d rather forget - my ability to respond to unpredictable accelerations, usually when I’m gassed from a hard lap.
If the sim could throw in a crash or two, someone pushing me towards a sharp curb, and random riders in the back yelling at everyone else, that’d be a plus, too.

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