Crank length/power question

I feel like there is a simple answer to this question, but I can’t wrap my head around it…

I just put a different bike on the trainer and swapped my Favero Asioma pedals on it for consistent power readings. However, the bike I just took off the trainer has 170mm cranks, and the bike I just put on has 172.5mm cranks.

My questions are: 1) Why is there no crank length setting in TrainerRoad even though I can calibrate my pedals there? But…does there need to be? Or…does TR just assume your configuring this elsewhere?

You need to set the crank lengths to get consistent readings. TR assumes you’re setting it somewhere else (either through a head unit or the Favero app)


The user’s manual is always a useful manual. Crank length is stored in the pedal, can be set in the app, but is overridden by a bike computer. also need to manual zero and perform the initial setup again.

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