Considering leaving The Sufferfest for Trainerroad

Thank you all for taking the time to answer the questions. Your experience and thoughts on the two platforms are really interesting.

I see that pretty much everybody who made the switch to TR did notice new gains.

Just like @Weissjoel82 said, we don’t really know what science their programs are based on, even though the SF have world class coaches. I feel that TR uses a well known and proven method, which reassures me that I’m doing something that works for sure.

I work in ER with a completely irregular working schedule and long shifts, I sometimes have to train at 2 or 3 a.m. so it would be important for me to get the most benefits from each workout, which seems to be the case with TR.
I’d probably go with the low volume plan and try to add some endurance ride from time to time.

The plan builder seems to be very useful and on point according to your reviews, this is a big plus.

About 4DP, I actually base my workouts either on FTP or MAP. I never sprint indoors (carbon frame and direct-drive trainer, I don’t want to risk to break anything). It’s true that it’s quite cool to see what your strengths are, but I could actually test these without SF. My MAP is 129% of my FTP, so it’s kind of “standard” and I’m not sure a few watts more or less during the vo2max intervals would actually make a difference.

I’m going to finish the plan I’ve started with SF which ends on the end of the subscription and give a try at TR after that.

Thank you again for your messages everyone.
Have a nice day!


Great description of the 4DP test - I hated it and avoided it like the plague. I swear I would psych myself out every time I was supposed to do it.

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I use them both.
I do find 4DP really useful. It revealed that I have significant weakness in my 5min power compared to the other measurements.
This has explained why I have failed the majority of my vo2 max TR workouts in the past and why the ramp test consistently underestimates my FTP.

I think the TR plan builder is fantastic and generally follow a TR plan in terms of structure but using SF workouts with dialled down intensity so that there is more time spent at sweet spot instead of threshold and add extra endurance workouts on top.

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