Compliance on some workouts

just looking at compliance for some over/under workouts…plus kaweah…for about n~100 in each case.

Looks like it’s a little less than 70%. I would have guessed higher for whatever reason.

I wonder if it’s seasonal? :thinking:

workout 1261 seems to be an outlier. Pretty good compliance there. :wink: Or could just be a lower IF?

We’re actually looking at this right now at a macro view. We think we can improve compliance with some tweaks to how workouts are presented.

More on this in the future…!

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How can you find the compliance % now? I seem to remember seeing it (maybe way back in an earlier version of TR) but can’t find it anymore.

Nah, it was never there at a high level. We had it at an interval level and we called it precision but it wasn’t setup for wide digestion.

Ahh yeah that’s what I was thinking of. I dunno, I think that’d be nice to see again…maybe not useful, but interesting.

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I just keep hitting the reload button on the ramp test workout page. Lotta users out there! Hmm…it’s 7a in Taipai right now. Let’s see what the Asia user base looks like.

BTW, I think the ramp test instructions are clear but not everybody does. bbear1, Laurunperl, Paolo68. My goodness, Paolo was working hard. Anyhow…endlessly entertaining. Scrolling through looking for NP > 267. There are quite a few, actually, but maybe not as many as I expected based on just talking to folks on local group rides.

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