Competitive Clyde XC Racers?

Hello fellow tall/heavy riders.
I’m looking for some motivation. I would like to hear about any clydes that are competitive in their local XC races.

I’m a clydesdale looking to become competitive in the cat 2/3 class(called sport here) for 2021. Sitting right now @ 6ft 4, 210lbs, 13%bf, FTP 260, age 30.
I raced a couple races this last summer, and I was in top 4 of clydesdale class of one of them. Time wise(45 minutes total) I was middle of the pack of the sport class(cat2/3), and only 4 minutes off the slowest cat 1 racers. I was 3 minutes faster than the other clydes 5th and below which makes me think I need to move up to sport.
The other race I did was just 4 days later, and I got 1st place in clyde. Time wise I would of been 2nd place in beginner(cat4/5). I was again in the middle of sport in terms of lap times.

Planning on fully committing to trainer road/diet to get ready for the 2021 season(mostly just biked a bunch in 2020 with some trainer road intervals here and there). my end goal is to podium sport and move up to open or cat 1, but I don’t know how realistic that is since I’m a clyde.

I would love to hear of any other clydes here that are competitive at their local races. How long have you trained, how many podiums, ftp, classes you raced, etc. Give me some motivation!