Comparing XC to Enduro bike sizing

A race series near me has an XC & Enduro. I’m 5’10 and ordered a S3 Specialized enduro but now I’m thinking it might be to small. My XC bike is a large epic. Do you want a similar reach number for an enduro bike or should I size up to a S4?

I’m around your size and would ride a Large Epic.

You could ride either the S3 or S4 depending on your preferences.

If you like a more nimble bike, stick with the S3. If you like a big feeling bike, go with the S4.

I demo’d an S4, loved it, but would run a very short stem if I went S4 (around 40mm) to keep things manageable on shallower terrain.


Usually XC bikes have shorter reach, but the longer stem and slacker seat tube angle makes the cockpit long. Whereas with an enduro bike you have long reach but short stem and steeper seat tube angle.

The Epic however is pretty modern, with close to Enduro reach numbers and a short stem for XC. So they’re close. I think the S3 with the stock stem is likely to fit you just fine and will be a better all around bike for things other than just riding as fast as you can on all descents.

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