Compare power data Vector 3 and Rally S


I’ve bought a pair of Rally pedals for my gravel bike. Every time I go out on my gravel bike all of a sudden my power is higher. HR is the same as the effort tells me it should be but the power is higher than usual. My conclusion is that the Rally pedals report higher numbers than my Vector road pedals.

I have dual sided Vector pedals and single sided Rally pedals. Is there a way I can compare these side by side and maybe offset the rally so that is is more consistent with the Vector?

Crank length settings?


Static weight test them. Even if you don’t have an accurately measured weight you’ll still be able to compare readings from the two to see if they’re in spec.

Also watch for dual vs single comparisons… They’re doing different things.

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Haven’t thought about that. I need to double check that I have the right setting in the Rally’s for the cranks on my Gravel. I’m pretty sure thou that I got the standard length on both bikes. Thnx.

I’m not really sure what you mean about static weight test? Is it a typo and should say static watt test or I’m I just bad at English :sweat_smile:

My initial thought was that I could use one of the pedals of my vector and the rally at the same time and compare the numbers but I don’t think you can use only one pedal with vector 3.

What is a static weight test?


Ah, with a simple googling I found the favero guid in it. Thanks