Coefficient RR Handlebar - Experience?

anyone have experience with this bar?

seems like a flurry of articles and videos came out a few years ago but don’t see many recent reviews.


Dylan Johnson had them on earlier this year with his new Felt…sounded like he wasn’t a huge fan, though. Was hoping to use it to have a legal version of a “puppy paws” position, but it just didn’t work well I guess.

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I use the AR bar on both my Gravel & Road bikes.

Lots of hand positions.

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why didn’t you get the RR for your road bike? just curious…was looking at the AR model also.

ah thank you! I think i’d be scared to death of puppy paws position so nbd for me there.

in case anyone else is following this or reading in the future…here’s what he said on his FB page:

While I did like the shape and feel of the Coefficient RR bars, the puppy paws position was near impossible on them and currently in @lifetimegrandprix aero bars are banned but puppy paws is not. I’m currently trying Enve’s Aero bar measuring 35cm at the hoods and 40cm at the drops. More importantly, they have a much bigger and flatter surface area for resting the elbows.

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I’ve had the RR for a couple of months, and so far, I like them. I don’t use puppy paws, though I did try it on these bars. I wouldn’t say it’s not impossible, but it is far easier on bars that are level. One thing I did notice is that the tops of the bar are slightly further away from your body, compared to normal bars, so if you like to ride on the tops from time to time, you’ll have to reach a little further.

I do like have the extra hand positions, and there is a slight notch on the bend of the drops to position your hands.

Is it the best $400 I’ve spent on my bike? Probably not. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that they don’t, to me, add that much value.


Partially because I started too narrow on my gravel bike and it was a hand me down. There were no other bars out there I was interested in buying.

I also don’t care for flat “tops” either.

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I have had them on my bike for the last few months. I do like the angled tops and the additional hand positions. I haven’t tried the puppy paws position, but I have used the handholds in the center of the bar to allow me to get more aero. I really like them.


I’ve had them on my road bike for a couple years and I really like them. I love being down in the aero position on them when on the front of a group or solo. Dylan had tried the other coefficient bar (the AR I think?) and that’s the one he didn’t like. But this bar is going to be like a saddle, very personal whether you like it or not.

I recently got Enve SES Aero bars and generally like them, but I’ve got some FOMO about these Coefficient bars. :thinking:

Has anyone used these with 11 speed Di2? I wonder how tricky it is routing the Di2 wire between shifters.

I did it with the AR bar, the turns in the RR look tricky but not impossible.

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I’ve ridden the RR for two seasons now and really like the hand positions. (For me it was more about comfort than aero, but I got both). I had posted about them in [this thread] (Handlebars - Narrow or Aero?) (my post is the last one on Jan 19 of this year).

The bar is a pain to route internally, either hydro hoses or shift cables/wires. I did run internally after a lot of cursing; when I moved the bars to my new bike I didn’t even give internal a thought and run hoses both externally and I think it looks and works fine. Despite being a long-time dedicated Campy guy, my Trek Domane+ has Di2 12 which has wireless shift levers. Pretty sweet for setup, and I have to admit that this first foray into electronic shifting and the Shimano hoods has gone extremely well – but not so we’ll that I’d change my Chorus mechanical hydros on my Alliance to Shimano:))

I just ordered a set of RRs in 40 after having ridden 42s for a long time. I think the slightly narrower hoods will better match my shoulder and I’ll still have 42 measurement on the drops.

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lmk if those 42s are up for sale anywhere :slight_smile:

Liking the 40s so the 42s are available.

I have the RR’s in 38 which I removed from my bike after more than a year and at least 15,000 miles. Installing them was not difficult with respect to the internal routing and the bars are easily stiff enough for spirited riding. What did not really work out for me was the supposed comfort from the better hand positioning. That did not translate for me. I was having hand pain post accident so hoped these would help. They did not. I reinstalled a set of standard compact bars and have not looked back. I could never warm up to the looks of them either. They are now just collecting dust among a bunch of spare parts.