Coach Jonathan at XTERRA Lake Tahoe

Smashed it :clap::clap::clap:


Such a hideous website to navigate. Are there results anywhere?

From Strava mentioned above:

Swim ~37min
Bike ~1:50

Obviously some transition time absorbed in there.

Awesome work Jonathan. Can’t wait for the debrief on your return to the Pod.

Also, DH KOM on the bike … Of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So it looks like the hive mind of the TR forum got the over-unders right

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Came in 8th overall, helped tremendously by smashing the bike ride with the #1 overall time.


Well impressive for a first go!

Looks like he came out of the water almost last (105th of 110?), smashed the bike, and went pretty well on the run.

And lost a couple of minutes putting socks on in T1 :rofl:

4th in his age group, so probably not qualified for worlds unless it rolled down.

I saw on Instagram that he’ll not be on the podcast Thursday but the others will discuss how it went…

Good work @Jonathan


That first open water swim with people pulling and kicking you can cause lots of anxiety and really mess with your swimming flow.

I wonder how much faster he could have gone on the bike if he didn’t have to pass through so many people? Not familiar with the course so I wasn’t sure if there might be a number of spots where he could be stuck behind someone waiting to pass

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Nice job, @Jonathan !!

He almost went under on all 3 of his marks…Will be interesting to hear if he maybe went too hard on the bike and that impacted his run…and how much he struggled with his socks in T1. :crazy_face:


Make no mistake, drowning is exciting, speaking in a literal physiological sense, so no matter what, it will be exciting. Have fun Jonathan. Thanks for inviting us all get to observe your inevitable diversion into a demanding, expensive sidetrack.

I think these types of races are going to see big growth in the future. After watching Jonathan do this, I’m definitely going to try one! Kudos on the smokin’ bike time, now to get that swim stroke hammered out :slight_smile:

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I think XTerra numbers have been declining recently, like most of triathlon overall.